Guest Guru: Cristin Bisbee Priest of; Organizing – 5 Gift Wrap Solutions

Organizing – 5 Gift Wrap Solutions

By Cristin Bisbee Priest of

Keeping gift wrap supplies neatly organized is a year-around task, but during the holiday season it can get out of control. Here are five different gift wrap storage solutions designed to help you organize all those pretty tags, papers and ribbons.

Pottery Barn Wall Mounted Craft Organizer
1. The Wall-Mounted Craft Organizer from Pottery Barn is one of my favorite. This space saver is designed so you have all your gift wrap supplies in easy reach.

Ballard Designs Wrapping Paper Cart2
2. Ballard Designs’ Wrapping Cart is very comprehensive. I love how it has hidden casters and can be rolled away when not in use. Thanks to Deliciously Organized for pointing this one out!

Organize_com gift wrap organizer underbed2
3.’s Underbed Storage Chest for gift wrap is an affordable solution for those with limited storage options. Having a pair of these storage chest would be ideal – one for everyday gift wrap needs and one designated for the holidays. And of course this storage solution doesn’t have to go under your bed – it is also suitable for the closet, garage or attic.

Container Store Wrapping Paper Hanging
4. Another affordable and space saving gift wrap solution is the Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer from the Container Store. Perfect to hang in a closet or on a door or wall hook.

Apt Therapy suitcases2
5. For those of you with very limited storage space, a series of stacking vintage suitcase would cleverly store gift wrap. Thank you Apartment Therapy for this fun idea!

Which solution is right for you and your space?