Friday Game Plan: All Wrapped Up!

This weekend marks the last weekend before Christmas!

Most of my gifts have been purchased with the exception of a few items. My Friday game plan is to wrap all my presents. Scotch® has come up with some clever tips for creating the perfect wrapping station.

1. Find a smooth table where you can spread out. A kitchen table works well.
2. Keep everything you need in order to wrap in one box/location, this will make wrapping a cinch.

The following tools should be kept in your wrapping toolkit:

The Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter is great for cutting paper and has a built-in ribbon curler. It
creates clean, straight lines when cutting gift wrap and has a protective blade.
The Scotch Pop-Up Tape Dispenser makes gift wrapping easier because you wear the
tape dispenser on your wrist and it dispenses pre-cut strips of tape.
• Scissors for cutting wire embellishments, flowers, ribbon, etc.
• Use a measuring string approximately two yards long in order to figure out how much paper you will need. Wrap the string around the box and you will be able to cut the appropriate piece of paper.
• Ribbon, bows, lace, ornaments, curling ribbon, and gift tags.
• Tissue paper, boxes, and wrapping paper.

By having this wrapping station established, I will be able to quickly wrap all of my gifts and will spend less time searching for wrapping items! Happy wrapping everyone!