How Your Fireplace Affects Your Home Insurance

House fires are one of the leading causes of home destruction. If your house has a fireplace then it is important to keep it properly. If you have a dangerous fireplace then you might be deemed high risk by your provider. However, if you take the following steps in properly maintaining your fireplace and notify your agent that you have, then you will have a greater chance of being deemed low risk. Low risk clients often yield the lowest homeowners insurance quotes.

You can keep your homeowners insurance quotes low along with the danger level of your fireplace by doing the following:

• Keep it clean

– Take care of your fireplace and chimney. Clean it regularly in order to avoid anything unfortunate from happening.

• Remember it is not an incinerator

– Try to stay away from burning things in your fireplace. This can only lead to trouble.

• Screen it

– This is an important safety measure for your fireplace. It keeps sparks from flying out and possibly starting a fire.

• Guard your chimney

– Birds have been known to build nests in and around chimneys. This could lead to a fire. So keep an eye on your chimney and keep it free of flammable items.

• Keep fire extinguishers handy

– Along with installing smoke detectors, keeping a fire extinguisher or two handy will show your provider that you are low risk.

Make Low Cost Homeowners Insurance Quotes a Priority

Although most standard home insurance quotes do not include your fireplace, remember you can add your fireplace to your policy as an endorsement.

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