The Buttoned Up Way: What Can You Delegate This Week?

This time of year is just plain nuts.

There are a million and one things to do…on top of everything else you normally have to do. This is the perfect time to put Buttoned Up principle #3 into practice. Take a few moments today and determine what you can delegate this week.

If you’re answer is “nothing,” then you need to ask yourself why. Are you afraid of relinquishing control? Are you worried that someone else may think less of you because you aren’t doing something yourself? Probably the most difficult hurdle for most of us when it comes to delegating is the short term pain associated with bringing another person up to speed on a particular task. It may seem faster and easier today to just do the task yourself – but at the end of the day – there really is no contest!

Do This Exercise

as soon as you have finished reading the last sentence of this post!
1. Grab your to-do list and make sure that it is up to date.
2. Identify three things that you can delegate to someone else this week.
3. Figure out which person in your life is best suited to tackle each task you wish to delegate.
4. Make a call, send an email, or book an appointment (with yourself and the person you want to delegate to).
5. Get clear in your own mind what your expectations are (what does ‘done’ look like, what is the due date) so that you’ll be ready when you meet with the delegatee.