Storing Holiday Decorations Inexpensively and With Ease

There is nothing like the Holiday Season.

But great as it may be, don’t you find that you are already dreading having to put it all the stuff away and clean it all up? Well fret not, here are a few tips to make the holiday decoration clean up easy (and inexpensive).

1. Shop Discount Stores – You will need plastic storage bins – no getting around that one. Just be sure to choose ones that will fit in your storage space like the flat underbed ones or the big ones with lids. Try a discount store or dollar store to get the best pricing on these items
2. Avoid The Wet Stuff – No one wants to open up decorations next year to find them moist and moldy. Well you know those little packs of Silica Gel you get with new shoes or purses? Put those in the bins to absorb moisture and keep items in good shape for 2010.
3. Clear It Up – I like clear plastic bins so you can see what is in the box without having to open it up.
4. Make An ‘Open Me First Box’ – This is an old moving trick but it also works great for holiday decorations. What do you want to get to first? Christmas tree stand? Outdoor lights? Whatever you want first put in this box and pack away last so it is the easiest to get to next year.
5. Lights Action – Pack your lights wrapped around pieces of cardboard so they are not tangled and are easy to take apart and use next year.
6. Holiday Cards – If you save holiday cards make sure to store them in acid free (photo boxes) so they do not deteriorate. Get them when you are at the discount stores shopping for bins and boxes.

Well these are my ideas.

I would love to hear all of yours. Please comment so I can make sure I am Buttoned Up when the holidays have come to a close.