Giveaway: My Forever Home A Guide to ReHoming the Rescued Dog

My Forever Home A Guide to ReHoming the Rescued Dog by Maura A. Furie

What does your dog eat? Where does your dog sleep? What difference does it make?

You’ve taken the plunge and chosen a new dog. Or perhaps the dog has chosen you, parking himself beside the rose bush. Where ever your new friend has come from, he undoubtedly has brought his baggage with him. You want him to feel welcome in your home, gut you find the baggage he has brought with him contains some gad as well as some good.

Forever Home is a guide to choosing the right second had dog for you, and blending that dog into your family. it is also useful for a family who started out with a puppy and needs a little guidance in turning that canine into the best dog ever.

“If your dog was removed from his mom and litter mates too young problems facing you are: inability to housebreak, hard mouth, snapping, fear of everyday occurrences, difficulty learning, inability to get along with other dogs, and separation anxiety, to name a few.”

“Rehearse proper petting procedures with any child that will come in contact with the dog. A friendly pat on the head can get fingers bitten off. Remember, dogs often misinterpret human behavior.”

Is your dog barking too much? Not properly housebroken? Chewing on inappropriate items? Snapping at children? Does she only listen to you when food in involved? Does he drag you down the street when you take him for a walk? Is she afraid of men? Is he stubborn?

Step by step, Forever Home takes you through choosing a dog, the dog’s first day with you, training, and approaches to creating good behavior and outwitting bad behavior. This book, while written for those who have a rescued dog, is very useful for all dog owners.

Keep your dog with you, you are his Forever Home.

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