Wednesday’s Dose of Sunshine: Your Spoonful of Sugar

I think Mary Poppins knew what she was talking about when she said “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, and I don’t think she was referring to merely medicine.

Ms. Poppins knew that balance was important in order to be efficient, and I’m sure she would approve of that idea being used to help you keep up your energy until the weekend.

I find it to be incredibly beneficial to treat myself to a special snack while attempting to achieve a discouraging task. Whether it is studying for a Friday math exam, or perhaps entering data for my job, snacks always tend to be my saving grace.

A yummy reward

A yummy reward

So today, when you are avoiding a particular task, try this approach:

Head to the local snack shop or vending machine and buy the most delicious snack you always forbid yourself to have. Take it with you back to your work area and set it prominently next to your task. As you complete large portions of your task, treat yourself to a certain portion of the snack. Or, if you would rather enjoy it all in one bite, wait until you finish your task entirely to munch on your delectable delight… (Because we all know saving the marshmallows in your cereal for the end is the best part.)

Bon Appétit.