*THE* Cookie Recipe

I love the internet – it’s such a wealth of information about cookies.  Sure you can google medical aliments and scare yourself right into March but you could also google COOKIES and that is just magical.  When you google things like cookies though you’ll find that you want to flag certain pages – remember to print them later – maybe even get yourself a list of ingredients together and that is when I tap on the little clipping tool from Evernote.  You’re probably thinking that I work for Evernote by now or I have an inappropriate relationship with the owner….and I don’t – it’s just a place where a list-o-holic can really marinate in the lustfulness of listing.

In that same Food notebook from the Freezer post I have a TON of cookie recipes.  The thing I love about saving my recipes into Evernote is that they are always at hand – on my phone (I’m at Wegmans and I have NO idea what I need), I can pull it up on my laptop in the kitchen, Or it will format the content of the page very neatly for printing.

I’d like to recommend the following recipes currently saved in my Evernote notebook – throw these guys in your notebook and you’ll thank me later.

Is there a cookie recipe missing from my Notebook?