Gift Guide for Moms: $25 and Under

All your mom really wants is for you to be home this year, but whether you’re here or there, snag some incredible presents your mom will love while keeping your budget in tact with these great gifts for under $25.


These easy to carry pedicure slippers with toe spreaders make them perfect for Mom when she’s going to get a pedicure.
$12.99 at

Mom’s Nest

moms nest
Personalized engraved rocks.
$15 at

Adjustable Rolling Pin

Take the guess work out of preparing crust, dough, pastry, and noodles. Three sets of removable disks raise the rolling pin to 1/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/8″ ensuring a uniform measurement.
$20 at

Cargo Travel Organizer

Organizes the accessories Moms can’t live without while on-the-go.
$25 at

Collapsable Funnel

Because of their shape, funnels are notoriously hard to store. But thanks to a clever design, this space-saving funnel can collapse flat for storage, making room in even the tightest kitchen drawer.
$25 at

Porn for Women

Porn for Women
With photos of strapping young men doing housework strewn across the pages and accompanied by quotes such as “Have another piece of cake. I don’t like you looking so thin” or “Want to snuggle?” this book is a fun gift for Moms everywhere.
$12 at

Dunkin’ Donuts Card

The Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card makes the perfect gift for Moms who love coffee. They can also be personalized online with cherished photos or a customized message.
$4.50 + gift card value at

Make Mom feel truly pampered and loved this Holiday. This fun, friendly little coupon book has 20 cleverly illustrated coupons that enable you to lighten the load of mom. The set includes coupons for everyday tasks like taking out the trash, doing the laundry, and running the errands. Each one is perforated, so you can give one coupon at a time, or the whole book at once.
$4.50 at

Dinner of the Month Club

Do you really want to do something nice for Mom this year? Why not join the Dinner of the Month club. One night a month a wonderful dinner will be delivered to your door and all you have to do is boil pasta and add the specially prepared sauce. Not only does this give Mom a break from cooking but also gives you plenty of bonus points for drumming up a premium gourmet meal. Best of all, you get to eat it too. You can’t go wrong with this one.
Month-to-Month Membership: $24.95 at

Posy Frame

umbra frame
Moms everywhere will love this fun and stylish wire desktop photo frame/note holder.
$14.00 at

Birch Burl Barrettes

Handmade, one of a kind, unique wooden barrettes made by wood worker Edward Smith.
$25 at To order, contact Edward Smith directly here.

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