Use Travel Time To Get Organized. It Works!

I must say that over the past 15 or so years, I have become quite the expert on air travel.

I am a proud 1 million mile member with two airlines but not just that. I have done it all and often…first class, coach class, international, with kids, with an infant, by myself……you name it…….I know the airports as well as I do many malls. I have spent a lot of time often weekly on planes and have learned to make the most of it. Why is this important? What does it have to do with organizing?

For me, airplane time is a great time to get organized, relook at my priorities and rethink my ‘Must Do List.’

This is top of mind right now because I have around ten hours of airplane time coming up soon. It is day travel which means me and Lucy (my 7 year old) will be awake. I have already begun to plan what I will pack in my carryon so that I can use the quiet time (no cell phone, no email, few distractions) to make progress and I get ready to end one year and begin 2010.

I thought it might help if I listed out my projects that I am going to be doing on my trip and see if there are things on this list that you might want to do as well or if my list my spark things that are important for you to get done.

You don’t need a plane trip to do this. If you don’t have a trip coming up, schedule a few hours of quiet time and get going.

My Plane To Do List

1. My holiday card list up to date – I take with me the holiday card envelopes (return addresses) I have already received and update my addresses then I toss out the envelopes.
2. Review my checkbook for items that have any tax implications for 2009 (e.g. like property taxes paid, medical expenses). For each item I list the date, who I paid, amount and check number. Great to do in excel and then you have an electronic copy as well.
3. Update the documents for my mother. My mom is 89 and each year at this time I make sure things like her power of attorney, living will, contact information at the assisted living facility she lives at is all current.
4. Make a list of items I need to do for our upcoming vacation like suspend mail delivery, etc..
5. Put together my five and only five new year’s resolutions for 2010.
6. Think about and commit to a fitness regimine with our fitness.doc that I will start as of January 2, 2010. Will include how often I will do weights, aerobics, etc…
7. Add to my interesting things to tweet list. I keep a file of upcoming tweets that I add to whenever I come across interesting data, web sites, or organizing tips.
8. Catch up on my magazine reading.

I will let you know how I do on my list of items for my plane trip.

Would love to hear things you do if you have free time traveling to get yourself together and organized.