No Time to Waist!

I’ve lost something and I am not happy about it. It’s my waist!

Suddenly I’ve become a ‘square’ person! Well, maybe not suddenly. I’ve just been enjoying the Holiday season all year long! Not good.

I’ve asked the hubs to set up the VCR in the Living Room where I watch “my” shows to no avail. Don’t tell me to do it myself, I can’t even move the TV to dust behind it – it’s just too heavy. I tried to kick him out of “his” space with no luck.

What’s a chubette to do?

I found the perfect solution! I have full on digital Cable with all kinds of channels: community service channels, music channels and on-demand TV. I found a sports and fitness channel that has all sorts of workouts! Some target specific body areas, some are general work outs and some are work outs with a general in command. When Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser yells at you that 400 pound people can do these exercises, it’s a bit humbling! You tend to put down the soda and candy bar get up off the couch and join in.

So now I can exercise whenever I want – day or night! AND I can also download sessions from!

Perhaps by this time next year I will have found my waist again!