Friday’s Game Plan: Organizing Makeup

I love beauty products and experimenting with new makeup and products.

So it’s no surprise that my makeup and beauty products are everywhere. I have makeup in my handbag, in my travel bag, in a storage basket in my room, and in the most likely place, my bathroom. This past weekend I discovered that I also have what I term, makeup attachment, I can’t seem to get rid of the makeup that I have had for years and have never worn. I finally decided to do something about it and my game plan for the weekend was to finally figure out an organizational system that would work for my products and my lifestyle once and for all! It’s so important to not only figure out what you use, but to also get rid of your old products as they can carry bacteria. I decided to take decisive action with the following steps:

1. I pulled out all my makeup and products from every location. I wanted to get a good look at exactly what I have and what I actually use.

2. Step two was the hardest step as I have a hard time throwing things away…but I made it a point to throw away everything that I hadn’t looked at in a year. All those makeup samples and color pallets that either don’t match my skin tone or are just way too old were thrown out. Anytime I needed a little nudge to get rid of something, I just thought about the potential for bacteria to have creeped its way in to a given product and it was gone!

3. I then grouped all my makeup and beauty products by type. I divided my makeup by groups such as; foundation, blush, concealor, eye shadows, liners, brushes, etc. My beauty products were broken down by products for my body, face, hair, nails, and teeth.

4. The most important step is figuring out exactly what the best organizing system will be. I actually researched on Friday in preparation for this task. I travel quite frequently and I find that I keep shuffling my makeup between my baskets in my bathroom, my drawers, and my travel bag. My preference is to have everything displayed in my bathroom in acrylic boxes from Muji and I absolutely love keeping my brushes in glasses and storage containers such as the ones from Crate and Barrel. However, since I travel I have decided to purchase a brush roll, that way each brush has a certain space and the brushes stay clean and away from my makeup while I travel. I think it’s important to take time and figure out what will work best for you. I plan on ordering a storage cabinet for all my products that way everything I need is in one place. I find that plastic shoe containers work well. You can label the containers based on a certain category. The container store has great vanity organizers as well.

I noticed that by organizing my products I have saved time getting ready in the morning (always an exciting feat) and made space for new products that I will actually use! I feel much better knowing that everything I have is ready to wear and at my finger tips!