Just Supply the House!

Think Beyond the Fuss

Want to host the family get together this year but your time is packed or your cooking skills are lacking? My sister-in-law, Heather, who has the perfect house for entertaining, also has the perfect solution!

It’s not that she can’t cook, but with two young sons and a busy career, cooking a huge feast or lugging the kids to and fro is just not how this young mother wants to spend her Holiday.

Her solution? She provides the house, decorations, drinks, ice, dishes, glasses, relishes, condiments, and serving dishes if needed. The rest of the family supplies the rest – main dish, salads, rolls, veggies, potatoes, pie, and all sorts of fun desserts.

Usually my Mother in law will cook the main course. She will either go early and cook it and watch the kids for Heather, while she gets set up; or she will pack it and bring it hot. It is amazing how hot you can keep a dish if it’s covered and placed in a box lined with thick towels!

We all help with the clean up and there aren’t too many dishes since we all divvy up the leftovers and take our dishes home with us!

It’s a true win-win for everyone – Heather can entertain in her beautiful home and we can all feel as if we participated and contributed to the evening.

So next time you want to host the family get together, but it’s just too much for you to do on your own – follow Heather’s lead and just supply the house!