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Quick, Easy and Cheap Costumes for Parents and Kids

Who wants to spend money this year on plastic or rented Halloween costumes? Not me! I DO still want to dress up, though, because being silly is the best part of Halloween. My husband and I have Star Trek costumes, disco outfits, and tons of wigs and hats (Samurai and Superfly) that we’ve been known to wear when it’s NOT Halloween. If you don’t have a costume box like we do, there are lots of great costume ideas that you can make.

Check out these sites…

– This website has ideas for kids that you can whip-up with supplies from around the house. They include a scuba diver (swim mask and fins), crayon (colored paper party hat and one-color outfit), weatherman (raincoat, umbrella and fake microphone), and a piece of sushi (all white outfit with an orange pillow pinned to your back).

Disney’s Family Fun website,

– This website reminds us of the traditional costumes we used to make before we started buying plastic masks and polyester costumes. Their ideas include a gypsy, Miss Universe, a farmer, a construction worker/handyman, a spa girl (a play on the old costume of a woman in hair curlers and robe), an old man and a tree.

– This site has ideas for teens that are clever and funny. For example, “tic-tac-toe,” in which you tape a box of tic-tacs to the end of your shoe, “self-absorbed”, where you tape a bunch of sponges to your clothes and “babysitter,” where you attach a baby doll to your backside. Others on the site include “mucho dinero”, where you tape multiple pictures of Robert De Niro to your clothes, “zebra,” where you put a bra on the outside of your clothing and pin a letter z to the cup and “Freudian slip,” where you dress in a slip and attach a sign that says Freud.

We hope we got you giggling with some of the ideas from Costume Idea Zone and that you can get cheaply creative for the kids with the help of the other sites. Don’t buy your candy until Halloween day and you can save some more cash as the stores get rid of their stash.
Happy Halloween!

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