I just bought the Valuable.doc ad Life.doc kits. I am getting started by filling out the information I know. I’d like to be able to ‘draft’ print these docs. Then, collect the missing information and make a final print on the forms. I’ve saved several of the documents on my hard-drive. When I try to re-open them, to edit or fill-in missing data, I can’t see all of the fields. Do I have to go back to the CD and start over on these documents??? Please advise the best way to complete and edit the data. Thank You! Colette P.S. Why is there no “auto” information on the forms? For example, I had to list my auto insurance under “other.”

Collette – you should be able to go back into your saved Word document and fill in any blanks with information prior to, or after, printing on the pages included in your binder. I also have my Life.doc saved to my hard drive and I went back in and can change all the information fields. Did you save as a Read-Only file or do you have it locked? I would verify that first. If you still have problems, let me know at annemarie@getbuttonedup.com and I can send you electronic files that should help you.
And you are correct, we do not have auto insurance in the insurance section! Good catch! The legal side of cars is under the legal section (leases, etc.).
Hope this helps! – Anne Marie Furie