Time to Get Buttoned Up: Fall Is Here

We don’t have to tell you the obvious. Summer is over.

No more lazy days by the pool. No more quiet homes while the kids are away at camp. And no more putting off those nagging tasks ‘until fall.’ All too quickly, your world is busy, your calendar is full, and, unlike a few short weeks ago, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. That just means it’s once again time to re-sharpen your organizing skills, remembering how to keep your life, and the lives of those around you, in order, while staying sane in the process. Yes, summer is over and fall is here. Let’s get organized!?

Alicia on ‘Establishing Routines’

‘One of the principles we preach is the importance of asking for help. This is especially important as the school year starts. For both children and adults, it is the beginning of a routine that will last for the next 8 months, so why not make that routine as productive as possible? Mark the first week of school with the first week of a new family calendar, where every member of the family can not only write their new routines, but everyone can be assigned tasks that they’ll be in charge of over the school year. The earlier patterns can be established, the easier it is to form organizational habits for the entire family.’

Sarah on ‘Don’t Pay Attention to The Joneses’

‘As the fall starts, and school begins, the idea of perfection can again become a trap that’s easy to fall into. You see other families similar to yours, and you want to feel like you’ve got your life in perfect order. But again, you must remember to ditch the pursuit of perfection, since that will only make you more miserable. By acknowledging that you can’t possibly take on everything, and that you can’t be perfect, you’re that much closer to finding the ‘perfect’ level of organization, and The Joneses will be trying to keep up with you.

Put that sunscreen away, and try taking on some of these helpful organizing tasks.

#1: The Clothing Swap
While you’re putting away all those swimsuits, shorts, and Hawaiian shirts, and pulling out the sweaters, chords, and jackets, take some time to organize. Before storing your summer clothes, figure out what you didn’t wear this summer, and put them in the ‘Donate’ pile. Then, as you’re pulling out your fall/winter clothes, organize them in stacks from light to heavy, with the lighter, fall clothes in the front. It will stop the endless digging for the right sweater, and eliminate the pile of clothes that’s usually the result.

#2: School Habits Start Early
Want to cut back on the number of times you have to ask, ‘Have you done your homework?’ By establishing a tight schoolwork routine when the school year has just begun, you can make sure that everyone knows what’s expected every day after school. Try creating a ‘Homework time’ and a ‘Homework zone,’ where you can be available for questions, or just to make sure that time doesn’t seem like punishment. Also, set aside the first few minutes of dinner as ‘Weekday Update’ as a fun way for everyone in the family can talk about what happened to them that day.

#3: Yes, Halloween Again

We can’t believe we’re writing it either, but planning ahead for Halloween will save you so many headaches down the line. By figuring out ahead of time what kids may want to dress up as for Halloween, you can make sure they get to be exactly what they want to be, and you’re not stuck sending them out the door on the big night with a makeshift sheet over their head.