What To Do With That Week Off

On December 26th, give yourself a great big pat on the back for successfully getting through the holiday season!

You’ve most likely attended more than your fair share of parties, battled never ending lines at the mall and even done some time with the in-laws. Now it’s time to give yourself a post holiday treat: take the rest of this week off from chores, running errands and even work if you can. Instead, spend as many moments as you can simply enjoying your loved ones. To make the most of your well deserved time off, take a moment to consider these ideas.

Alicia on ‘Project Giveaway’

‘Receiving gifts is lots of fun, but sometimes the great influx of new items can make you wonder: ‘where I am going to put all of this stuff?’ Despite their potential to permanently take over your living room floor, gifts are great reminders of how much we have and how much we also have to give away. So, during this week off, I make sure to spend a few hours with my husband and daughter going through the old toys and clothes that we have outgrown over the past year. Once we have raided our closets, we then give one last gift during the holiday season and donate our gently used items to a local charity.’

Sarah on ‘Make The Most Of It’

‘It’s easy to fall into a post holiday lull, or some might say, stupor, after the whirlwind of activities, travel, and family visits has passed. But before you veg out in front of the television set, disappear into that new book you received, or lose yourself in a frenzy of cleaning, stop and consider this: the hours in this week will go fast — so be sure you’re making the most of them! Before the week gets away from you, make a plan to incorporate some fun, memory-making activities into the mix like grabbing the family or some friends for an impromptu afternoon outside – walking, having a snowball fight or generally goofing off.’

Here are a few ways to help you make the most of your week off.

#1: Be Prepared
Nobody is perfect. And, chances are, neither was every gift you received this holiday season. So during this week, you’ll most likely find yourself at a mall (or even two or three) only to be greeted by endless lines in the return lane. And if you happen to bring your kids along, be prepared! Make sure to have a few fun games you can play while you wait. Because even though you won’t be able to control the amount of time spent on line, you can at least share a few laughs in the process.

#2: Play Catch Up
Let’s face it, during the past month and a half, it was often extremely easy to let some of your own personal needs and responsibilities slide due to the holiday frenzy. So consider this week off as your chance to play catch up. Before the week is over, spend some time and take care of anything and everything that may have escaped your attention over the past few weeks. This way, when January 1 hits, your mind and to-do list will be ready for the New Year instead of already tied up with the overdue leftovers of 2006.

#3: Unplug and Have Fun
Even though most kids and adults alike will want to spend the week off glued to the screen of their latest and greatest technological gadgets, don’t forget to balance game time and family time. Encourage your family members to ‘unplug and have fun’ and make an effort to plan activities that don’t revolve around the television or computer. Whether it is a day of ice-skating or a night spent with old-fashioned board games and hot chocolate, this week provides plenty of opportunities enjoy your loved ones.