Thank You Cards

Now that the holidays are winding down and your living room has been transformed into a giant display of the latest and greatest in toys, clothes, and gadgets, it’s time to get those thank you cards on their way.

But we know the drill: even with our best intentions, writing these notes of thanks tends to bring out the procrastinator in all of us. Luckily, saying thank you doesn’t need to be a chore. So, if you’re stuck on what to say or more importantly how to start, consider these few tips to help you get going on your thank you cards.

Sarah on ‘In Their Own Words’

‘Even though my son has yet to reach the reading and writing stage (let alone the eating most solid foods stage), doesn’t mean he isn’t involved in the thank you process. When Little Will receives a gift, and he sure received plenty this year, I get a little creative and write a thank you card in what I would imagine to be his own words. In the note, I also mention achievements that William might be proud of, such as new words or sleeping through the night. The end result is a much more heartfelt and smile inducing thank you than anything I could have come up with.’

Alicia on ‘Anywhere and Everywhere’

‘We know you’ve tried (and we have too), but to sit down and hammer out all those thank you cards in one sitting just isn’t a realistic task. Your hand cramps up, your leg falls asleep, and there is always some really attention-grabbing show on TV. So this year, ditch the attempt to get all your cards done at once and try the ‘anywhere and everywhere’ tactic. Grab a few pens and note cards and place them in your most frequented spots like the kitchen counter, your bedside table, even your purse. As you go about your day, write a note or two at a time. Before you know it, you’re thank you cards will be finished sans the hassle. Then, just grab a few stamps and you’re done!’

Here are three tips to help you overcome the inertia involved in saying ‘thank you.’

#1: First Thing First
Hopefully, while you were out making one of the countless trips to the mall in the past few weeks, you picked up a few boxes of thank you notes. If you didn’t, place this activity at the top of your to-do list. Because, as simple as it sounds, you can’t write out thank you cards if you don’t have them to begin with! Also, you’ll be surprised as to how much more motivated you will become once you have the cards on hand and ready to go.

#2: Pick One Detail
While nothing beats a heartfelt and personalized thank you note, sometimes, and especially if you have a bunch to write, they all begin to sound alike. So to avoid the generic ‘thank you for the lovely gift’ card, take a few moments and think of one detail about each gift you received. Then, make sure to include the thought in your note. By doing so, not only will your cards be more meaningful and well-received but the brainstorming will help you to avoid writer’s block as well.

#3: Plan Together
Surely you weren’t the only one in your household to receive gifts this holiday season, so instead of being the only one to handle the thank you cards, get your whole family involved. A great way to get the gang motivated and off to a good start is to make a night out of it. Order in take-out and have your family members spend a little time making a ‘who gave what’ list. Then hand over a few cards and they’re on their way!