Let the Job Search Begin

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the working world, or hunting to further your career somewhere new.

The job search can quickly turn into an overwhelming and frustrating experience. You have so many choices to make regarding potential employers, location, salary, benefits, and, and that’s before you’ve even started applying! Then you have to deal with resumes and interviews and acceptances and rejections…it’s a rollercoaster that is both terrifying, but potentially very rewarding. While it seems there is no getting around the madness, there are ways to help stay focused and find that perfect job without losing your confidence or your sanity.

Alicia on ‘Confidence’

‘Throughout your job search, the one thing that has a tendency to wane is confidence. A bad interview or a rejection, even something as small as an unreturned call, can have you over-thinking your qualifications. One thing to that’s important to do before you even start your search is to try and get a clear understanding of your strengths as a potential employee. Are you a numbers person? A people person? A risk-taker? By really figuring out who you are and what you have to offer, you’ll not only discover if you’re a good fit for a company, but, more importantly, if they’re a good fit for you.’

Sarah on ‘Timing’

‘They say timing is everything, and when you’re searching for a job, it couldn’t be more true. While employers are always on the lookout for great people, certain times of year tend to present more job opportunities, as well as better access to the people doing the actual hiring. The holiday months are busy and tight, with employers focusing on getting through the end of the year with the people they have. The New Year, however, usually brings new budgets, and new positions, so be ready to make a resolution to get out there and pound the pavement!’

While the road to a new job may seem long, here are a few shortcuts.

#1. Connections
Sure you can spend your days combing the classifieds and posting your resume online, but sometimes the best jobs are the ones that don’t ever make it to the public. By letting as many people as possible know that you are looking for a job, you open up a whole new set of employment possibilities inaccessible to other job seekers. The best part of these ‘word-of-mouth’ jobs is that, while they expand your search, they also come with built-in recommendations from whoever referred you, and you’ll get an insiders take on what a company is like before you interview.

#2: Know Your Needs
Finding the right job starts with deciding what the wrong job might be. Narrow your job search before it even starts by making a list of your job priorities, from least flexible to ones you could waver on depending on the opportunity. How far are you willing to travel to work? Do you want a 40, 60, or 80 hour week? What benefits are necessary? By prioritizing your needs, you’ll be able to eliminate certain jobs from the start and be able to focus your search on the ones you really want.

#3: The Right Resume
Fitting your life on one piece of paper can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re simply handing it off to someone without an interview to back it up. One thing most people don’t understand is how flexible a resume can and should be. A resume doesn’t have to be all facts and no fun. Before sending it to a potential employer, try and cater it to both the job you’re applying for, as well as the company’s personality. Whoever reads it will get to know not only what you’ve done, but also how you want the world to see you.

We are the co-founders of Buttoned Up, inc., a company dedicated to helping stretched and stressed women get themselves organized (along with everybody else they’re responsible for too!). We welcome your thoughts!