Gift Shopping

Oh the art of gift shopping!

How is it that some people manage to pull it off with the slightest of effort while the rest of us always end up in a frantic last minute scramble only to settle on something that’s merely passable? Luckily, with a little organization (and a tad bit of inspiration), shopping for gifts doesn’t have to be such a time consuming hassle. Keep these helpful tips in mind as you hunt for perfect presents and start giving gifts like a pro.

Sarah on: ‘It’s The Thought That Makes it Count’

‘Before you even think about hitting the shops (online or otherwise), spend a few moments to brainstorm on the person. Are they creative, do they love to travel, are they always in the kitchen trying to perfect their crème brulee? Instead of going on wild goose chase for their gift, let their passions guide you. Once you nail down a few of their niches, sites like will sort their stock by personality and interests. So you’re sure to find the perfect gift in little time every time.’

Alicia on ‘On Time Surprises’

‘No matter where I do my shopping, between my long distance relatives, husband’s extended family, and friends spread out across the globe, I usually have to send presents via trains, planes, and automobiles get them to their intended zip code. And I never seemed to get the goodies there on time until I started using online shipping. Most major companies will provide you with tools to calculate travel times and costs and will even let you print the postage right from your own computer. The best part: with a few clicks the carriers will come to pick up the packages right from your doorstep. Sure beats getting stuck behind someone buying tons of stamps at the post office!’

Start receiving ‘thank you’ cards in no time with these helpful hints:

#1: The Basics

Sometimes, giving a great gift starts with remembering to give a gift at all! So give yourself one less thing to remember and spend a few moments to enter all those birthdays, anniversaries, and upcoming events in one place – either in a simple special birthday notebook or go digital and use your computer’s calendar. By doing so, it will not only help you keep track of all those dates to remember (and gifts to give) but it’s also easier to delegate to others when the dates are in one central place.

#2: An Arsenal of Ideas
Chances are between your home, office, and all the time you spend sipping coffee in cafes with wireless connections, you’re online quite a bunch. So why not use all the neat stuff you come across in your travels when it comes time to shop for presents? Designate a special bookmark folder in your web browser that’s devoted just to gift ideas. Simply add a link whenever you come across something nifty. Then when it’s time to give a gift, just dig into your stash for a bit of inspiration.

#3: Finishing Touches

So now that you you’ve remembered your great aunt’s birthday, found the perfect gift, and managed to purchase postage that will ensure an on-time arrival, spend a moment to get creative and place the final touches on your present. Nowadays, gift wrap goes way above and beyond just paper — it’s almost a gift in itself! Sites such as will provide you with quite an extensive and stylish selection. So whether you’re giving a sushi set or the latest gaming console, they’re sure to have something to compliment your gift. Because nothing beats a great first impression, especially one that’s almost too pretty to open!