Can You Hear Me? Organize With Your Cell Phone

Can you imagine life without your cell phone?

It’s almost impossible to imagine a time when they weren’t a part of our everyday lives. Losing one or even just leaving it at home can seriously raise stress levels — it’s like missing a limb. Because nearly everybody has and uses one daily, cell phones represent an obvious, and potentially vital tool in helping you stay organized. The question is — are you taking advantage of all of the useful features they have that could help better manage time and organize your life?

Alicia on ‘Facing The Fear’

‘Think about the cell phone functionality you use. Chances are, unless you’re a technological wizard, you’re probably only using basic options such as the phone book to store your most frequently dialed numbers and maybe (when you’re really feeling adventurous) the camera phone. There are lots of useful features on cell phones – yet the majority of us rarely explore to see what might be in there. We know, you probably threw out the instruction manual long ago, and you may not feel as though you have enough spare time to figure out how to use those additional options. But most cell phone functions are fairly easy to use, and taking five minutes now might just save you hours of time in the long run (and some sanity points to boot). Cell phones can do so much more than call people, and we’ve got some tips on how to get the most out of an organizational tool you’re already carrying around with you.’

Sarah on ‘Tool Selection’

‘If an organizational tool is going to be useful to you, it needs to fit into your life. So keep that in mind when selecting the cell phone features to use. Pick the handful of options that are most likely to fit into how you ‘

The Three Must Try Cell Phone Features.

#1: Lets Meet For Lunch

Your cell phone calendar is a great tool to remind you of upcoming important meetings or events. It is not a replacement for your outlook or blackberry detailed calendar but instead a place to type in small reminder notes for particular dates and times. Look for it under the tools area on your phone under calendar or planner.

#2: The White Pages
You may already use the phone book feature on your cell. While it is not fun to enter in all of the information it is worth the time and effort. Many cell phone providers let you enter the information on line and then download it to your phone which is much easier. When you enter in phone book information do not forget to enter in all of the person’s numbers as well as what caller grouping you want them to fall under. You can even take their picture and have it come up on your display when they call you.

#3: Cross It Off

Your phone’s to do list is an easy way to keep notes and reminders. You can even peg them to the phone’s calendar so you can be reminded of critical things. Besides the text to do function, most phones also have a voice record function so you can record simple notes to remind yourself of things. These features are typically found in the tools or planner areas on your phone.