To Teacher, With Love

In the pantheon of important jobs, a possible top three is parent, doctor, and teacher. Parents get paid in love, doctors in high fees, but what about teachers?

They play such an important role in shaping young minds and guiding the guardians of the future. It is a hard and often thankless job that can test even the kindest person’s patience without much remuneration. As is so often the case, even a little token of appreciation can mean so much. As the school year draws to a close, try to take a little time out of one of your days to get a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for those that give so much to the ones you care about the most—your kids.

Alicia on “Individualization”

“Since your child gets individual attention from the teacher, your gift should be specifically for this individual teacher. No doubt you will want to call the teacher for an end of the school-year conversation about how your child did and what they might need to do over the summer (summer reading list, extra math work, etc.). Try to ask a few innocuous questions that will lead you to picking out a unique gift: hobbies, summer plans and the like. Then ask your child what specifically she liked about this teacher and mention that in the card.”

Sarah on “Teaching Opportunities”

“Here is another opportunity to model good adult behavior for you kid(s). Make sure your son/daughter is there when you give your gift. Your child will see you being gracious and giving as well as communicating with the teacher about your child’s past and future. Not only will she see that teachers need to be respected, but that mother and teacher are on the same team which in turn helps your daughter respect the teacher.”

Here a few tips to help you say thank you to someone who really deserves it.

#1 A Team Effort

Staying with the theme of teaching your kid(s) to respect and appreciate the teacher in your lives, work on the gift together. For instance, you might buy a gift and have your child make the card. In today’s world, that can mean anything from the old-fashioned card stock and crayons/markers to using a design program and printing it out. If your student knows that the teacher likes dogs or cats or panda bears, then that can be incorporated into the card.

#2 Stress: Out

Teaching can be (read: is) stressful, so a stress-relieving gift may be just the right thing. Going off of what you learned in your phone conversation, there are any number of great gifts out there. For the cerebral, getting a little time to read a favorite book is something that many look forward to, so getting a nice hardbound edition of Pride and Prejudice could be perfect. For the more active, a few Yoga sessions can help melt the stress away. But almost any teacher would love to get a half hour massage. If you want to team up with another parent or two, you might all pitch in for a spa day.

#3 Lending a Hand

Nothing helps ease the burden like taking on some of the work. At the end of every school year, the teacher must go in and take down all the classroom stuff and pack away a plethora of items. What better way to say thank you than by offering to spend the day helping a school year get Buttoned Up so the teacher can start her summer that much faster.