Planning Fun

When was the last time you had a really fun and memorable weekend?

(You know, one without the Saturday morning errands, soccer games, and household cleaning projects?) If you realized it’s been way too long since you’ve enjoyed one of those care-free and fun-filled kind of weekends, keep reading. Because no matter how jam-packed of a schedule you stick to, with a little help you’ll be able to make time for the good times.

Sarah on: ‘Getting Caught Up’

‘There are no two ways about it. You do have to pay your bills. You also have to take out the trash, clean the house, fold the laundry, wash the dishes, take the kids to soccer, call your mother, check your email, and all that good stuff. But if you’re not careful, you become so caught up with finding time for the must do’s and have to’s that you never find time to really enjoy yourself. To break free from the same old same old, make a conscious effort to plan for some fun. And whether you pick a weekend in advance that you’re going to devote entirely to entertainment or if you plan to squeeze in one or two really enjoyable activities every week, there’s sure to be a way to keep the good times from being a thing of the past.’

Alicia on ‘Reaching Out’

‘If you are feeling stuck try reaching out to others for some ideas and input. Whether it’s your family members or a good friend, you might be surprised at how a little outside perspective can add some fresh air to a stale routine. To help you collect all of those good ideas in one place, keep a ‘You Never Know’ file. It can be a folder, an accordion file or even a shoe box. Whatever the format, use it to hold any clippings from magazines and newspapers along with those good ideas you and others come up with. By keeping such a file, when you’re in need for a great weekend get away or a nice place for Sunday brunch, you’ll be able to start having good in no time.’

Add a little zip to your weekends with these helpful hints:

#1: Fun for The Whole Family
When it comes to your family, sometimes the difference between having a good time and a great one is just a little change in scenery. If your family is always ready to catch the latest flick, instead of sticking to the same old routine, why not try a different movie theater a few towns over and make sure to check out the local pizza joint while you’re there. You’ll find putting a little twist on your favorite tried and true activities is a great way to guarantee good times.

#2: Fun for Two
Chances are, you and your spouse led quite a different lifestyle when you were first married (remember when sleeping late meant later than seven am?). But just because your family has grown doesn’t mean you can’t act like newlyweds now and again. While your parents are busy doting over their grandkids, use the down time with your husband to do all those little things you used to enjoy so much, like reading the paper in bed or taking a long stroll hand in hand.

#3: Fun for You
There’s one more person you should plan to have fun with, and that’s yourself! Because no matter how many good times you share with your husband and kids, it’s still important to find time to do the things you really enjoy (and because hitting the spa just isn’t the same when you’re toting your family along.) Have your husband lend a helping hand with the kids when it’s time for your solo act and make sure to switch off so he can enjoy a little ‘R and R’ himself.