Life.doc and Valuables.doc

Life.doc & Valuables.doc

Your life & valuables buttoned up

Sometimes bad things happen to organized people. When that happens, having your important information organized and at the ready can make all the difference. This all-in-one binder of forms makes it easy to keep track of crucial information, so you’re never without it when you really need it.

  1. 8 sections
  2. CD-ROM included
  3. 120 pages

If catastrophe struck tomorrow, and you needed to piece together a home inventory to get properly reimbursed, could you do it? Don’t put off making a record of all your valuables (including clothes – you don’t want to be reimbursed for pennies on the pound). The Valuables.doc makes it easy to do – it breaks down the big job of making an inventory into eight smaller steps, taking you room-by-room.

  1. Eight tabbed categories in a sturdy binder with organized sections and a pouch for photo documentation
  2. Forms that capture critical policy details, so you’ll have what you need to file a claim
  3. Worksheets that ensure you are adequately insured

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