my advice:
I keep a large weekly calendar and fill the week in on Sundays. I belong to 3 hospital boards, and have frequent meetings that are a priority for me, so those are always the tasks that get filled in first. My friends and family activities come next, including babysitting time for my 8 grandchildren and one niece. After those things, I am able to schedule doctor’s appointments and personal items (like a hair cut!).

my to-do list habits

I keep 2 Buttoned Up Do&Delegate.list notebooks – one in my car and the other at home on my desk. Crossing off a completed chore is a joy for me! The book that I keep in the car goes with me when I am waiting for things like a car wash, appointment ,etc, so that I can add additional items or cross things off the list during this extra time.

a little about me

For most of her adult life, Susan considered herself very organized, efficiently running a household with four children. But recently, Susan found herself divorced after 38 years of marriage and realized that she was completely lost when it came to knowing anything about her finances or legal documents. On her own for the first time ever, Lerner struggled to get all of the disparate parts of her life in order. Happily, she has come out the other side with her sunny disposition in place and a firm grip on all of the critical areas of her life.

Prior to co-founding Buttoned Up with her sisters and Sarah in 2004, Susan worked in the jewelry department of Christie’s auction house. Now, in addition to her role at Buttoned Up, Inc., Susan, a Registered Nurse, is a tireless volunteer in the area of medical research. She is on the board of trustees for the National Jewish Health center in Denver, the board of the Semel institute at UCLA for neuropshychiatric diseases and Women’s guild of Cedar’s Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Susan has four grown children and eight grandchildren. Lerner currently resides in Beverly Hills, California, but has lived in many cities across the globe, including London, Boston and New York. Lerner says, “I have learned so much being a part of Buttoned Up. When we first started the business I did not know a thing about my finances, my insurance coverage or my health records. Everything was all over the place and I just was not sure what I had and what I needed to do to get organized. Life.doc is a tool I used to get prepared. Now I am ready no matter what comes my way.”

Susan can be reached at susan[at]getbuttonedup[dot]com.