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my advice:
Besides laughing at yourself often, I’d say keeping the big picture (your priorities) straight with a weekly to-do list is the #1 thing you can do to get on the path to staying organized where it counts.

my to-do list habits

My life is too hectic and full to make a fresh to-do list every day, so I make a really detailed one for the week on Sunday night that includes personal and professional to-do’s. Sometimes I type it in my computer and print it out, but most often I write it in a large, college ruled notebook with clear “areas” for professional and personal items. Then, each morning, I take out my NothingElse.pad and write down my top, top priorities and do them first. That way, even if I don’t get anything more done beyond those key things, I know I’ll be ok.

a little about me

Sarah is the slightly more “free-form” yang to Alicia’s organized yin – in other words, more of a focus-on-the-big-picture and let’s-just-keep-moving-in-the-right-direction type of gal. She’s a seasoned entrepreneur who founded her own marketing consultancy in 2001, and has co-founded one other company that’s also moving beyond the startup phase. Sarah is always on the go and her friends wonder at how she manages to stay relaxed with so much going on in her life.

Before striking out on her own, Sarah worked as an advertising executive with clients like Kellogg’s, General Motors and Ameritech. She also spent time as an independent marketing consultant, entrepreneur and product designer. Sarah managed client relationships and developed advertising strategy for big brands like Kellogg, Ragu, MSN, and GMC. Sarah holds a B.S. from Georgetown University.

Sarah, her husband Gardiner, and their son William reside in Dobbs Ferry, NY. She confesses, “I’ve got a really full personal life and professional life, so I need solutions that fit into my cram-packed existence, not ones that try to force me to follow an endless series of complex, overly-involved set of rules that lead straight to what I call Organizer Hell.”

Sarah can be reached at sarah[at]getbuttonedup[dot]com.