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my advice:
Seriously, stop trying to be perfect. If you can get 80% of your tasks handled, use the time it would have taken to finish the other 20% and sing karaoke, challenge your significant other to Wii bowling, or watch your guilty pleasure TV show with your best friend (cough, Gossip Girl). It’s never a waste of time to relax and regroup! Trust me, your shirts on the closet floor can always wait.”

my to-do list habits

I have a running to-do list in an Excel Spreadsheet. This way, every time I get a new task emailed to me or given to me during a meeting, I just type it in real quick. I also print it off each morning and highlight the top 3 priorities for the day so that I can physically “cross items off” throughout the day. Then at 4:30pm, I delete everything off of the electronic list that has been completed. It works great to have the electronic version because then I don’t have to worry about losing a notebook or piece of paper!

a little about me

Ashleigh joined the Buttoned Up team in 2007 as a fresh-faced graduate of the University of Michigan and has been happily tackling her transition from multi-tasking college student to “real world business newbie”. While an undergraduate Wolverine, she focused her studies in marketing, public relations, media and ethics and received her BA in Communication Studies in 2007. As a student, she juggled a full class schedule, regular volunteer work, 4-H, part-time babysitting work and still managed to find time to tutor Michigan athletes! All that juggling means she’s a virtual ‘black belt’ in planning and time management. Ashleigh has put those organizational skills to work at Buttoned Up in operations and marketing.

Although a relatively new member of the Buttoned Up team, Ashleigh has been submerged in all of the exciting angles and opportunities of the company, from New Product Development to Supply Chain Management, Public Relations to International Relations. While used to wearing different metaphorical “hats”, one of her top priorities is getting her home life responsibilities, like finances and filing, Buttoned Up. As an adult striking out on her own for the first time, she’s admitted to being a little nervous, but ready for the challenge too, especially since she’ll be surrounded by the Buttoned Up team of organizational experts. In her spare time she is an avid golfer and loves to travel. “For me, being Buttoned Up is a method to manage my personal responsibilities quickly & efficiently so I have more time to hit the beach or catch up with friends.”

Ashleigh currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her three favorites, Brett and her Ragdoll cats Lilleigh and Breagan.

Ashleigh can be reached at ash@getbuttonedup.com