Anne Marie

my advice:
I used to get really stressed because everything on my ‘to do’ list didn’t get done on the day I had assigned for it. No, I’m not controlling at all! Well, now I only schedule 4 hours for those items that MUST get done. Why? Because we all tend to have our own gravitational force, and things that you never planned for will find and orbit around this force until you have the time to deal with them! By scheduling a realistic 4 hours, you will have the time to handle the things you scheduled, plus all those things that were unexpected as well. The bonus is that you will feel organized and in control!

my to-do list habits

I do keep a ‘to do list’ – in my Do&Delegate.list. I cross off as I go and when it’s too messy to read, I transfer non completed items to a clean page. I like to keep strictly work stuff on it and limit my at-home stuff to a list that I keep separately at home. I try to focus on the things with deadlines and it feels good to get them done before they are due. I also star the items that are a MUST so I know they are priority for any day or week.

a little about me

Anne Marie has more than 20 years of experience in the field, and a background that encompasses organizing, corporate events, public relations, marketing, manufacturing, and purchasing as well as corporate strategic direction. She has reorganized every job she’s ever had and has become a pro at streamlining processes that create a more efficient workflow. She brings her love of organizing to Buttoned Up to help track the activities of everyone in the company and those many, many orders!

Prior to joining Buttoned Up, Anne Marie had her own small organizing business that specialized in helping people reorganize their home businesses, rooms and closets as well as helping to streamline employee searches. She prefers to be known as an organizing ‘guide.’ “I believe that organization is freedom – freedom from searching for something and worrying about where it could be that gives the person free time to pursue more pleasant and productive activities.”

Anne Marie and her husband Gerry live in Dearborn, Michigan, and are busy raising two puppies – 1-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever Carmen and a baby white Chihuahua named Pip (for Pipsqueak).

Anne Marie can be reached at annemarie[at]getbuttonedup[dot]com.