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my advice:
I find I often tell people (including myself) to figure out what organizational issue drives you the most crazy and find a way to easily contain and control it.  This is not as easy as it might seem because most people have many, many things they would like to get organized. Make a list of all of those items and then prioritize just the one or two that, if resolved, would make your life easier and make you feel more at peace.For me, my husband, Adam, used to dump all of his work and junk in the house each night and it piled up….quickly…..all over the place.  Once I gave him a spot for the mess (a contained space on his dresser drawer), he was happy (he had a place to put the stuff and then find it later) and I had a way to contain the chaos.

my to-do list habits

For as long as I can remember (dating way back to when I was a CPA), I have kept a paper to-do list on wide ruled legal sized pads. I love the idea of being able to cross things off when they are done and for me, a paper list makes it easier to lay out my tasks for the day. I do have a system that works for me. I keep three separate legal to do pads: (1) One for my daily list of everything I need to get done; (2) A list of all of my personal to do’s; and (3) A list of all of my work to do’s. Each day I take the larger lists of personal and work to dos and out of them, make my daily list. Whatever I do not get done that day gets carried over to tomorrow’s list.

a little about me

Alicia Rockmore is a self-proclaimed organizational maniac who seamlessly juggles a fast-paced career and full home life. She is detail-oriented and list-driven and never misses a thing. Her friends and family describe her as over-the-top organized and call on her to help them get their lives Buttoned Up and pulled together. This includes everything from organizing closets to managing financial information to planning a family reunion.

Prior to co-founding Buttoned Up, Inc, Alicia was a marketing whiz working for well-known brands like Wish-Bone Salad Dressing, Ragu Pasta Sauces, Total Cereals and Wheaties. Alicia received her MBA from the University of Michigan in 1992 and her BA from Claremont McKenna College in economics in 1987. Prior to her marketing career, Alicia was a CPA with Ernst & Young.

Alicia and her husband, Adam, live in Los Angeles, California and have moved eleven times in 16 years of marriage…as a result, she truly knows the value of having all of the disparate parts of her life organized and under control.

Alicia is responsible for herself, her disorganized but lovable husband, Adam, their seven-year-old daughter, Lucy, and her 88-year-old mother. She notes: “Being organized allows me to get much more. I have learned that when I handle even just the few critical things in my life, I feel so much more relaxed. Being organized does not have to be hard. As a matter of fact, it can be fun.”

Alicia can be reached at: alicia[at]getbuttonedup[dot]com.