Digital grocery shopping – yes or no?

The idea that I never really have to step foot in a supermarket again is rather appealing. Especially since the memory of dragging my two boys with me this afternoon to a crowded Whole Foods full of cranky New Yorkers is still fresh in my memory.

My oldest likes to keep me on my toes by throwing random boxes of very sugary things in the cart, hoping I don’t notice until after we’ve checked out. And my three-year-old, well, given that he refuses to get in the cart unless it’s in the shape of a car…he’s just plain trouble. Grabbing an apple and taking a big bite before I can get it out of his remarkably strong little hand. Screaming when he sees something he wants but can’t have (note to store managers: placing Hot Wheels at kid level may get your more sales in the short term, but it makes me loathe you). Darting off and giving me a heart attack.

I’ve tried a few digital grocery options, but for some reason, I keep coming back to the store. Or farmer’s market.

I think it is because I’ve been more of a dabbler. I’m picky about produce quality. I like to touch the fruit, give the avocados a little squeeze, and look at things like spinach closely to make sure there’s no slime anywhere in sight. I’ve tested the experience at a few different places and so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. But since I haven’t committed to one e-retailer, I haven’t really invested any time in setting up a profile for myself. My friends tell me that once you set up a default list that you can replicate with the click of a button…you never go back.

The other thing I have a hard time with is – the things in my pantry get used up at very different rates. If my milk unexpectedly runs out on a Friday after breakfast – I literally can’t wait two more days until the delivery arrives.

But after today’s experience, I’m beginning to think that I should establish an online ordering routine and get my profile set up on the double. Especially now that I can probably order groceries on the train home from work:

What about you, do you shop for your groceries virtually? If you’re a total convert – what was the tipping point for you?