Organize a summer boredom-buster with this bingo game

Once school is out for my littlest on Friday, we are going to have a fair amount of time on our hands to fill.

Mercifully he is still relatively easily entertained. But my oldest is reaching that age where the chorus, “mom I’m BORED!” is getting to be the norm. He’s in school through the end of June — but with after school activities winding down, I’m hearing a lot more of that these days.

In an effort to get some good ideas on how to keep that refrain to a minimum, I headed over to Pinterest (natch!). I saw LOTS of cute summer bucket list ideas, like this one from Home Stories A-to-Z:
Create summer to-do's and put them on a pinboard so kids can grab them when they are bored

and this one from The Thrifty Queen Speaks.
Make a summer bucket list out of colored popsicle sticks that the kids can grab whenever they are bored

But then I saw this bit of gorgeousness from Delia Creates:
Organize a list of summer activities and play bingo as you cross them off to keep the mom I am bored to a minimum

When you get six in a row, you get a prize (she listed ice cream as hers) and a blackout garners another big prize (she and her family would get a night out at Red Lobster). Knowing how much my boys L-O-V-E- these kinds of games, I grabbed the free hi-res image of the bingo board from her site, polled the boys for their “wish list activities” for the summer and quickly whipped one up for the Welch Family.

Bingo board for the Welch family - activities to keep us entertained this summer

I’ve uploaded the file to Staples to print and it will be hanging on our fridge starting tomorrow!

How do you stave off summer boredom?