Great idea: bucket list for summer photos

Summer is probably THE season where people accumulate the most photos. Or at least have good intentions of turning into a shutterbug.

That last sentence describes me. I carry my camera with me everywhere, but I’m often so in the moment that I literally forget to snap off the lens cover and shoot away.

Then I get to the end of the summer and have a mish-mash of random photos – and I find myself saying, “I wish I would have gotten a shot of Lachlan jumping off that rock/Will doing a ‘cartwheel’/the cousins lined up on the driveway in their Big Wheels about to race…etc.”

As we race headlong into summer, and I put the finishing touches on my annual “World’s Best Dad” photo album for my hubby on Father’s Day today, I took a moment to think about ways I could be a little more organized in my actual photo taking the next few months. Of course, I turned to Pinterest for ideas. Instantly I came across this delightful bucket list for summer photos available as a free download on the lovely blog simple as that.

Summer photo checklist

Do you take a lot of photos during the summer? Do you go about it in an organized fashion? Would you ever try a photo bucket list?