Our Moving.kit is now available in Digital format

Stay on top of the million-and-one details of your next move.

With moving season about to kick into high gear (more than half of all moves take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day), we thought it was the perfect time to bring a digital version of our popular Moving.kit online.

The Digital Moving.kit is a comprehensive set of instructions, checklists and forms that will guide you through the process of moving step-by-step. We help you close up your old house, plan the move itself, and get you settled in your new home. We’ve worried about, stressed over, and obsessed about every possible detail so that you don’t have to.

With this digital moving kit, you can organize your entire move (in Adobe Reader) & print it out OR print it out first and fill out by hand. However you use it — it’s bound to help maintain your sanity while you pack up, move out, travel…and move in!

Only $24.95!

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Digital Moving kit will help you move with sanity in tact - andis now available