Organize a photo “book” for a trip in a jiffy

Do you have good intentions of making photo books for each of your big travel adventures? I know I do…but somehow once you’re back in “real life,” the task of putting one together can seem daunting.

That paralyzing feeling of “overwhelm” is the main reasons we’ve put together the Photo Organization Boot Camp. Because really, you CAN get your photos off of your hard drive and into the real world where you can enjoy them even if all you have is 15 minutes a day. The key is daily, bite-sized steps (and someone holding your feet to the fire to get it done).

Of course, it also helps to have some smart organizational shortcuts up your sleeve too — like these travel keepsake kits.

The genius team at Martha Stewart (who else!?) have a great idea for creating a displayable keepsake kit to hold maps, ticket stubs, and other fun mementos is an awesome alternative. Easy, gorgeous, and practical.

Simple project that will help you organize photos and mementos efficiently

Decorate simple boxes to serve as memory books when you don't have a lot of time

How do you organize your travel mementos and photos? Got any tricks or good project ideas?