Simple closet switches that will give you a fresh start for spring

The number one reason people put off organizing their closets: they don’t think they have enough time. That’s why I’ve put together a half-dozen things you can do in FIVE minutes that will go a long way to tackling your closet mess.

Tip #1: Narrow Your Focus to One Zone

Start with one shelf at a time, like a pile of sweaters
Rather than looking at the closet as a whole, which is what makes you think “I don’t have enough time to deal with that,” break the cleaning process up into manageable parts. Contrary to a lot of expert advice out there you DON’T have to dump out your entire closet first. Start with one shelf at a time, like a pile of sweaters… One little victory at a time is how you really clean out a closet (because who has 5 hours to do it all in one sitting!??)

Tip #2: Invest in Flocked Hangers

Invest in flocked hangers when organizing your closet
Invest in some quality hangers. I’m not talking about much money here – you can get a set of 50 slim, flocked Real Simple hangers for about $30 at your local Bed Bath & Beyond. They’re worth every penny. Not only do they keep your clothes neatly hung, but your entire closet will look pulled together in a way that makes you want to keep it that way.

Tip #3: No. Wire. HANGERS!!!

Eliminate wire hangers
If you feel like you don’t know where to start, just keep it simple and begin by tossing any and all unused wire hangers and bits of trash (ahem, I see those receipts cluttering up the floor!).

Tip #4: Save floor space

Save floor space by using an over the door hanger to organize shoes
Use a door-hanging device to organize shoes. There are simple and cheap options like a basic hanging shoe organizer by Imperial we found on or simple and chic options like this 36-Pair Overdoor Shoe Organizer for $29.99 at the Container Store

Tip #5: Add a Second Rod

Doulbe your closet space with a double rod hanging extension
Double your closet’s efficiency by simply adding a second rod. No need to call the handyman either – a wonderful inventor out there has made a hanging rod that simply hooks over your existing closet rod.

Tip #6: Use Clothespins to Track What You Actually Wear This Season

Flag clothes in your closet with clothespins to see what you actually wear
Get rid of duplicate items. If you’re not sure about a piece of clothing, “flag” the hanger by pinning a clothespin on the top, and removing the pin when you’ve worn the piece. You can also hang it in the opposite direction from the rest, and turn it back around when you’ve worn the piece. When you’re at the end of the season, donate the pieces that still have a flag.

Do you like to do a seasonal reboot in your closet? What kinds of small tweaks do you make that give you the feeling of a fresh start?