Five fun Easter hacks

Who needs whipped cream?! Peeps are the perfect accompaniment to hot chocolate (or coffee) Via: Ohdeedoh

Craft-challenged? You could always rent out the “egg bot” created by GeekPhysical to decorate those eggs.

Martha Stewart’s silver bucket with decorated twigs would make a great centerpiece. Rather than using expensive decorative eggs, you could use small chocolate eggs (attach loop of string to egg w/glue gun) or small bags of colorful jellybeans.

Use mini baskets filled with chocolate eggs or jelly beans as place card holders…or…on a larger scale, as a quick and easy centerpiece. (Via: Pottery Barn)

Cover a kid’s table with a paper roll and sprinkle these adorable rabbit crayons liberally. They won’t want Easter dinner to end! (Via: Earth Grown Crayons on Etsy)

  • Marilyn Bohn

    What cute ideas. I am going to go right now and fix me some cocoa as it is snowing hard outside my window. (March 28). I have a bunny peeps I will add to it. Thanks for the inspiration