Will you join me in giving up your latte today to help children with cancer?

Readers, meet Alan Bell.

Alan was one of my all-time heroes – a wonderful colleague and very dear friend. He was smart, hilarious, unbelievably kind, and through small everyday actions, elevated every, single person he came in contact with. You may not know it, but his thumbprints are here on the heart of Buttoned Up in lots of ways.

Unfairly, cancer took him from this world when he was just 26.

Today, I am doing something I’ve never, ever done on Buttoned Up before – I am asking for your help and support. Will each of you join me today in giving up your latte or other small indulgence ($3.25) to raise funds for a new rooftop garden at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Alan’s name?

CHOP is a leader, not only in the Philadelphia area, but in the world, of treating childhood cancer and researching potential cures. In fact, Alan was treated there as a small boy. When he was three, he was diagnosed with a rare cancer, Wilm’s Tumor, and given slim odds to survive. But, thanks to the incredible team of caregivers there, he did – and went on to thrive for two more decades.

If every Buttoned Up reader joins me in donating the cost of one latte today, or $3.25, to Alan’s Legacy, we could single-handedly raise the $25,000 to help create a beautiful rooftop garden for CHOP patients.

An Oasis

The rooftop garden will be a lovely and welcoming space where children and their families can come before/during/after medical treatments.

Having been through the ringer when Alan was little, his family knows just how significant the benefits of such a garden are. Children in treatment and their families need to get fresh air, to experience the healing effects of nature, have some fun, and take a much-needed break from their difficult experience.

You…we, as a community, can make this possible. Today.

Please join me in this mission by making a donation to Alan’s Legacy today.