The top 10 cookies to bake this season

Maggie’s post on Monday about cookie exchanges inspired me to get my bake on. Not that I need much inspiring in that department…Lord help my waistline!

But honestly, there’s nothing more fun than whipping up a few dozen cookies, especially if they are going to be gifts for the people you cherish. Here are my ten picks for the best cookies to give and get this season.

Lace Cookies

There’s just something magic about a cookie that’s 95% butter and sugar melted together and hardened.
{image and recipe via: Real Simple}

Gingerbread Cookies

A classic. Whether you go with a crisp version or a chewy version.
{image and recipe via: Meet the Dubiens}

Peppermint Oreo Cookies

As my Kentrucky-raised grandmother used to exclaim when she saw something that just bowled her over, “My Land!” Yes, my land!, indeed.
{image and recipe via: cupcakes and crablegs}

Chocolate Almond Biscotti

Because if I make that Oreo concoction, I will need a crisp, clean option to cleanse the palate.
{image and recipe via: Scientifically Sweet}

Reindeer Sugar Cookies

Take a sugar cookie, add some pretzels and m&ms and voila – you have a reindeer!
{image and super easy recipe via Family Corner}

Nutella Pinwheels

These had me at Nutella.
{image and recipe via: the galley gourmet}

Snow Balls

My heart always leaps when I see these on a plate. The Southern girl in me loves the mix of Pecans, butter and sugar. Mmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm!
{image & recipe via: Cooking with Sugar}

Chocolate Macarons

Mon Dieux! Comme j’adore les macarons! Translation – I love me some macarons. Especially the ones with chocolate ganache.
{image and recipe via: home cooking adventure}


I am just like Homer Simpson except instead of donuts, I crave must have shortbread.
{image and recipe via: baker girl}


This is my absolute top pick. I mean, really, do I need to say more than cream cheese pastry? I didn’t think so.
{image and one recipe via: Technicolor Kitchen}

And here’s my mom’s tried and true rugelach recipe (I love how she pronounced it “ruckaluck”) I can almost taste them now…

What is your favorite holiday cookie?