Our life without power after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was not kind to our town. Mercifully our house weathered the storm okay.

But we’re now on day 7 without any lights, heat, hot water, internet or cell service and we’re not likely to get back online until November 11th.

Coping with it is easier than you might think. Here’s how:

Keep it in perspective. Seriously.

Have a sense of humor.

Get comfortable with your frizzy hair. And hairy legs & armpits.

Enjoy the extra five minutes you would have spent putting on makeup just goofing off.

Indulge your inner pyromaniac (safely, of course).

Ask for help.

Heat up the grill. Invite friends over for an “empty your freezer” party.

Visit the library. A lot.

Ride bikes.

Go on walks. And then walk some more.

Look what we saw on one of our walks – a crazy dog hanging out on someone’s roof (no there was no water he was escaping from – clearly he just had cabin fever!)

Go out to eat…and stay for awhile.

Play marbles.

Play Monopoly.

Play Angry Birds (the actual, physical game).

Play Hot Wheels.

Did I mention the library?

Rake leaves.

Jump in leaves.

Go to family swim at the YMCA and revel in the hot shower…well, as much as you can with two little boys bouncing all over the locker room.

Take note of how fabulous everyone looks via candlelight.

Connect to the Internet in short bursts. It’s truly amazing how many emails one can bang out in 30 minutes when that’s all you have.

Go to bed at 8:30 because, well, what else are you going to do?

Pile everyone in the same bed and snuggle up for warmth.

Sleep with sweet little toes in your face.

When you’re feeling frustrated, revisit point #1.

Rinse & repeat daily.

Anyone else out there walloped by Hurricane Sandy? If so, how are you coping? If not, have you ever had to go an extended time without power? How did you do it?