20 handmade holiday gift ideas

The holidays can be stressful when you have more people to give to than dollars.The good news is – things made by you with lots of love are worth far more to recipients than something you pay big bucks for.

The trick to making it work: organization (and really that means giving yourself enough time to make the packaging pretty). You cannot wait until the last minute and pull off handmade gifts as well as you can when you give yourself plenty of time.

So if you have a tiny budget this year, but lots of people on your list, it’s time to get creative. In that spirit, I’ve searched the interwebz for good ideas that NORMAL people can do and pulled them all together in one post for your reference. I’ve also started a Pinterest board just for handcrafted holiday ideas, so be sure to check it out (if you need an invitation or want to pin ideas to the board, just email me at sarah at getbuttonedup dot com and I will get you squared away).


20 handmade holiday craft ideas

Homemade cookies look amazing in a glass jar with a cute label {via: eighteen25}

Bite-sized fruitcake! What an ingenious way to make a holiday staple more exciting. {via: Kitchen Heals Soul}

Sweet talk your way into someone’s heart with some handmade English Toffee. Hands-down, this is the way into my heart. I could eat my weight in it! {via: Saveur}

Make some soap – a perfect tutorial for beginners!. {via: Offbeat & Inspired}

Make some coasters out of old books {via: Small Home Love}

Cross stitch some iPhone cases {via: The Purl Bee}

Make some butterballs. I don’t know about you, but I squeal with delight whenever I get these in a cookie box. They’d look adorable with 5-10 in a little see through baggie tied with a pretty ribbon… {via: Saveur}

Dip some candy canes in chocolate. These would be the perfect little way to dress up a simple holiday card. It’s the little things that make people feel special and appreciated. {via: Food-Fitness-Fresh Air}

Embroider a little something that can be framed and hung. {via: What. No mints?}

Make a heart shaped bird feeder. When your recipient looks out their window, they’ll be reminded of you and your love. {via: alpha mom}

Bake some artisan bread. Take it from me, baking bread is not that hard and it makes an incredible gift. The artisan loaf pictured is {via: Happenings on the Hill}

Make some candy gift packages. It truly is all about the packaging (and is this not the most adorable packaging job you’ve ever seen?). Get some Junior Mints or M&Ms and you’re good to go. {via: The 36th Avenue}

Make a quilt pillow. Go on a hunt for scraps around your house and pull one together. This image above is not associated with a website, but you can check out some other cute ideas at Just A Bit Frayed.

Make some tea mix. There’s nothing as lovely as a cup of chai tea on a cold winter’s day. Here’s a gorgeous tutorial on how to make chai tea mix for gifts {via: Easy Peasy Organic}

Decorate some cheap frames. It’s amazing how you can transform a boring frame with a little paint. This gorgeous design is {via: No 2 Pencil}

Bake some mini cake loaves. No matter what recipe you use, zucchini bread, lemon cake, banana bread – if you bake them in mini-loaf pans, they become ideal little gifts. Wrap in a little cellophane with a pretty ribbon and anyone will be delighted to be on the receiving end! {via: Wholesome Ireland}

Whip up a batch of Rice Krispy pops. Shape them into hearts (or whatever), put on a stick, tie the stick with a little raffia ribbon and you have the perfect little gift to accompany a card. {via: Five TD Sisters}

Paint a planter. Paint one with chalk paint or a bright, fun color, add in a small herb plant and you’re good to go! {via: A Golden Afternoon}

Make a mix. If you have a ton of photos lingering on your hard drive or a lot of good music hiding in your iTunes put them to good use! Make a virtual album that you burn to an inexpensive CD and package neatly. {Image and tutorial via: Small Home & Garden}

Spoil someone with some homemade spa gifts. Who wouldn’t love some delicious smelling, totally healthy body scrubs? I know I’d be happy to open that package… {via: The Sweetest Occasion}