Reader tip: organize meal planning with a menu board

One of our September Challenge participants, Megan, shared a little something she has put together to help her keep on top of meal planning.

I was inspired by pintrest, but this has been a good way for me to stay organized and let everyone else know what’s for dinner during the week (babysitter on late nights, or Hubby).

The “dinner” box holds blank cards, and the “ideas” box is where I put the used cards. Helps give me inspiration when I’m not sure what to cook, or holds the frequent fliers!

Isn’t it gorgeous?

In case you are interested, here are 3 more design ideas for you.

{via: The Happy Scraps Blogspot}

No reason a chalkboard mail organizer couldn’t be re-purposed to be a menu board {via: WANELO}

Who says a dinner board needs to be fancy? {via: Pinterest}

{menu board in main image via: Etsy}

What do you think of menu boards? Have you ever made one? Where do you keep it?

  • karadavies

    I made up a very simple paper menu that I use weekly. It has 3 lines for each day S-S, one for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner. I fill in each line as need be and each Sunday I change it. I keep the previous weeks menus and see what we’ve been eating so we don’t have spaghetti and tacos every single week. When I make up my menus, I add them to my list in my Cozi app ( and can check off what I need when I go shopping. I do have a written list of what I keep regularly in my pantry and a running repertoire of what I can cook/what we like to eat.