Free printable boredom buster ideas

Whether or not it’s good for kids to be bored on occasion is up for some debate. Some parents and psychologists argue that kids need to learn how to be alone and quiet because that’s when the brain kicks into high gear and learns how to “imagine” other possibilities. While we agree that a steady diet of videos, or even organized activities, can weaken imaginations, we’re not entirely fans of boredom either. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a steady stream of boredom-induced whining, you know why..

Use this free printable to create a boredom buster jar of your own. Simply cut out each activity listed – and even add a few of your own, drop them into a jar, affix the label – and then direct bored children to “go fish” for a fun activity when they need a little inspiration.

Click Here to Download (PDF)