Free printable photo organization cheat sheet

Sometimes you just need a little reminder to take the simple steps you know you should take when you’re uploading photos but that for some reason you put off until…well…someday. And then when you don’t take the little steps, photos spiral out of control, and the next thing you know just organizing the messy digital piles you have accumulated is a huge project. And who has the time for those, right?

To help tame that photo procrastination demon, Hollie, our Resident Picasso, has whipped up this lovely little printable for you. Print out a copy, laminate it and tape it to your primary computer screen. Or print a copy and stick it in your camera carrying case.

Then be sure to follow the checklist each time you upload a batch of photos to your computer. As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine.

Click Here to Download (PDF)