Free printable cleaning labels

If you’re like us and are jumping on the make-your-own-cleaning solutions bandwagon, we’ve got a little present for you today.

We have created a series of labels that will help you add a little pizazz to the plain or recycled spray bottles, squirt bottles, and glass jars that you’re using. Because somehow labels make everything feel a little more exciting and, well, like the real deal. Right?

Plus it’s always handy to know whether you’ve just grabbed the floor cleaner or the glass cleaner without having to take a whiff to be sure.

About the Labels

Hollie, our Resident Picasso, has whipped up a set of fabulously cheery and fun labels that you can download and print right from your own computer onto Avery Labels (thanks Hollie!). The set of seven labels includes one for your glass cleaner, multipurpose surface cleaner, tub cleaner, floor cleaner, stain remover, laundry detergent, and even a hairball buster. On each label, in addition to the name, you’ll also find a complete recipe + instructions for making it.

So whenever you’re out, you’ll know exactly how to replicate what you had in there.

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