It’s tornado season: are you prepared?

With spring comes tornado season…and boy has it roared into gear this week. The twisters outside of Dallas destroyed about 200 homes and damaged 650 more.

If you live in tornado alley (or even close to it) do you have a preparedness plan?

Lisa Rebstock had a preparedness kit ready with diapers and supplies and knew where to go when disaster struck—and was huddled in the bathroom with her children as a tornado roared overhead—and survived unscathed. See this clip as she describes the horror.

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If you’re wondering where to get started, our emergency preparedness checklist will help. And in this case, we also highly recommend this fantastic one put together by The American Red Cross to help as you prepare kits and emergency plans.

You should also be sure to catalog your valuables so that you can be sure you have adequate insurance for the items in your home.

And if you’re on the fence about taking the steps you need to be prepared (we’ve heard every excuse and none of them are good enough), re-watch this clip. The scary thing about tornadoes is their utter randomness. It CAN happen to you. Be ready.

Feature Photo Via: CNN

Do you live near Dallas? Were you there when the tornadoes struck this week? If not, but you live in tornado alley, if one touched down near your home or work today, would you be ready?