Time to enter the April #GetButtonedUp Challenge!

It’s time to get your spring clean buttoned up!

Spring has officially sprung and you know what that means: time to get your clean on. But since most people we know barely have enough time to get through their regular routines, they think it’s impossible to spring clean too.

Not so fast!

We’ve put together an amazing 30-day challenge for you that will have your home sparkling by the end. All you have to do is one, small (and every once in awhile a medium) task every day. Before you know it, your big spring-clean will be complete.

Please Note This Important Change from Previous Challenges

We’re souping up our technical back-end when it comes to the implementation of these monthly challenges. To date, I’ve been wrangling everything via Excel spreadsheets, updating the check-in data each day by hand, and I have to admit that it’s making me a little cranky. Plus I’m scared I’m going to miss something in my overstuffed inbox.

So, rather than entering the challenges by commenting on the post here, we’re going to have you sign up via an official form. Then each day we will send everybody who has signed up on that list an email with the daily challenge.

Embedded in that email will be a way for you to check in with one click – via email to Sarah, a post to our Facebook wall, or a tweet. All of this will automate what I was doing by hand (see, I’m delegating!) and free up my time to focus on creating more content and goodies that truly add value to everyone here.


Please get the complete details of the challenge (including the PDF) and sign up for the April Challenge here.