Join in the February #GetButtonedUp Challenge!

It’s time to get your love buttoned up!

February is all about the heart. Not only does Valentine’s Day fall smack, dab in the middle of the month, but it’s also “American Heart Month” and therefore time to take care of that all important organ. With this theme in mind, we’ve put together another great monthly challenge for you!

By the end of this challenge, you will:

  1. Actually have enjoyed Valentine’s Day because you were prepared for it!
  2. Be ready to remember every important day (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) in the lives of your loved ones in 2012.
  3. Have taken concrete steps to care for your health.
  4. Actually have figured out how to carve out (and enjoy) some me time.
  5. And much, much more!

    How the February #GetButtonedUp Challenge Will Work

    Each day during the month of February we have a specific organizational task for you to complete. Download the 29 day calendar by clicking on the link below.

    Get Buttoned Up Challenge – February

    When you complete the task, let the buttoned up team know your status by commenting on the Facebook check-in post for that day and either email or Tweet the picture of your completed task. We will enter anyone who has completed all 29 days of the challenge successfully into a grand prize drawing. All winners will be selected using

    Participating in the #GetButtonedUp Challenge is as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Let us know you’re in by commenting on this post below AND by heading over to Facebook to comment under the post about being a part of the February Challenge.
    2. Letting us know you completed your daily task by commenting on the Facebook GetButtonedUp Challenge Check-In post each day
    3. Sending a picture of your completed task to Sarah – via email sarah @ getbuttonedup dot com OR via TwitPic to @SarahButtonedUp & using the #getbuttonedup hashtag.

    Grand Prize

    Grand Prize: $100 donation to the charity of your choice in your name
    2 Runner Up Prizes: $50 donation to the charity of your choice in your name

    Join In By Commenting Below!

    NOTE: All are welcome to join in the challenge.