The “Right Sized” Wedding

Life is hectic. But when you throw a major life event, like a wedding or new baby in the mix, it can get downright nutty. When it comes down to weddings, what really is the right size wedding? How much money is “justifiable” to spend? Where to begin when planning a wedding?

Today, Alicia & Sarah interview a wedding planner to the stars and pimp him for his secrets (and he’s got some good ones).

The pressures of a wedding are huge, to say the least; “the perfect day, dress, makeup, hair,” sometimes it just gets ridiculous. Women turn into Bridezillas just so everything will be perfect on this day that is perceived by society to be a day of perfection. When really, a wedding day is about the path that two people are about to embark on- spending the rest of their lives together, not a five hour long day. Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be an insanely stressful process, it can be quite enjoyable and should be- it’s a day to celebrate!

To gain perspective, Alicia & Sarah gather a round table of women who have been married anywhere from 11 to 63 years to share their perspective on what really matters in the long run. They reflect on their wedding day, what they would have changed and what they wish they should have done. When it comes down to it, the marriage is what is more important. A wedding day is wonderful, of course but what is important is that it’s the beginning of a marriage.

Listen and discover what really matters and how you can have your dream wedding with a fraction of the stress.