Organize gift wrapping: 3 tips

Here are three quick tips to help you get all your wrapping done quickly and cheaply.

Organize Your Supplies

There’s nothing worse than realizing at 11:36pm on Christmas Eve that you don’t have enough tape or wrapping paper. Take a few moments this coming weekend to organize what you do have and make a list of any supplies you need to stock up on before the last minute. I particularly love how Brooklyn Limestone took some very inexpensive Ikea kitchen accessories and fashioned a highly organized wrapping closet. She gives a comprehensive how-to on the blog.

Using Kids Artwork as Wrapping Paper

Always a hit with the grandparents, kids artwork can actually make stunning wrapping paper. Last year, I saved up the 5,637 paintings that Will brought home from preschool between September and December and used them to wrap gifts. Not only did they look great, but Will felt very proud, and I made a dent in the art paper pile.

Gift Tag Printables

If you’re looking for free and easy ways to dress up a gift, check out my post for BabyCenter today. In it she features ten different gift tags designed by talented bloggers and available as free downloads.

{feature photo: free gift tag printable courtesy of The Handmade Home}