Cool find: secret-keeper

Send Self-Destructing Notes with One Time Secret

Do you send passwords, login information, or other sensitive material via email? Are you really sure it’s going to stay private between you and the recipient? There are so many ways for that data to be compromised, it’s actually rather frightening. We’ve learned that the hard way here at Buttoned Up as we dealt with those nasty hackers back in October.

That’s why I got so excited when I came across this cool new program called One Time Secret. Enter your clandestine content in the site’s text box and with the click of a button you’ll generate a one-use-only link to your secret message.

Send the link to whomever you please; once it is opened and read, it disappears forever. If no one opens it within seven days, the link dies (your message along with it). For even more security, add a password that the recipient will need to know in order to access the self-destructing message.

Do you send sensitive intel over email? What do you think of this service?